CubeQuest Challenge

The CubeQuest Challenge was designed by NASA to encourage the designing, testing, construction, and marketing of small satellites that are capable of performing complex processes in their lunar journey. The competiton is divided into several stages, with a total prize of 5 million dollars between them.

  1. Four Ground Tournaments, which are checkpoints for NASA to apply design reviews and incentivise continued progress in production.
    • Three of the top scoring teams will be selected to accompany the Orion Spacecraft on Exploratory Mission 1, NASA’s first launch of the Space Launch System. ($500,000)
  2. The Lunar Derby, which is a competition between the 3 selected spacecrafts that will test the CubeSat’s durability and communicative abilities when approaching and engaging in lunar orbit ($3 Million)
  3. The Deep Space Mission, which will continue to test the fortitude and transmission capabilities of the CubeSats while they traverse a distance of 2.5 million miles, a distance that is around 10 times the separation of the moon from the earth. ($1.5Million)

KitCube is being submitted for all four Ground Tournaments in the hopes of securing a spot on Exploratory Mission 1. After launch, the satellite will compete in the Lunar Derby, with the goal of achieving and maintaining lunar orbit. See the spacecraft design for more about the CubeSat that will pursue this mission. 

Click here to view the official NASA CubeQuest Challenege page.