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The KitCube team is primarily made up of MIT undergraduate and graduate students who have access to the incredible resources and knowledge founded through MIT’s broad experiences on many nanosat projects, and they are finding new ways of collaborating across departments and projects to develop a stellar design solution for this competition. Furthermore, KitCube is supplied with MIT faculty members, as well as Project Selene high school partners hailing from Pasadena, CA.  Industry and alumni networks are also involved for fundraising, and we receive support from our established working relationships with vendors such as Clyde Space, Pumpkin, Blue Canyon Technologies, and Busek.

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We’re reaching out to anyone and everyone interested in supporting our innovative, creative, and unique program. Through social media accounts, websites, videos, merchandise and crowdfunding, KitCube is working to build a platform that anyone can engage with and understand! We are reaching out to people to show them how entertaining, enjoyable, and innovative space exploration really is!

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