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To the moon: cleaner, and with lasers

KitCube is a nano-satellite that is currently being developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology & La Canada High School for the NASA CubeQuest Challenge! 

Past Performance

Ground Tournament 1, which was held in early August, began the competition on a high note for MIT’s Kitcube, which placed second overall.  Spurred on by this initial success, MIT Kitcube went on to place second in Ground Tournament 2 as well! This places the satellite design on the correct trajectory for the coming Ground Tournaments, as well as the In-Space competition, in which the top 3 teams earn a spot for the 2018 launch!

What Sets Us Apart

The joint-team forged by MIT and LCHS students boasts an infrastructure that supports the technical and media sides of competition. The modern KitCube team is one that draws upon the creativity and versatility of the high school students, combined with the experience and resources of the graduate students.  The nature of the team demonstrates a pioneering attitude that is displayed in every aspect, from design to application.

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