MIT team selected to participate in AFOSR University Nanosatellite Program 9 (UNP-9)

kcahoy/ January 18, 2016

An MIT project, FLARE, the Free-space Lasercom And Radiation Experiment, has been selected to participate in AFOSR University Nanosatellite Program 9 (UNP-9). FLARE consists of two 6U CubeSats, each hosting two payloads, 1) intersatellite lasercom crosslink transmitter and receiver, 2) energetic particle spectrometer to characterize electrons and protons that the Sun spews outward and that get trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field

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KISS Optical Frequency Combs

kcahoy/ December 8, 2015

Many thanks to the organizers of the KISS Optical Frequency Combs workshop and Michele Judd for letting me participate in such an interesting workshop and study.

MIT KitCube selected in NASA CubeQuest Challenge Ground Tournament-1!

kcahoy/ August 28, 2015

MIT’s KitCube entry into the NASA CubeQuest Challenge for the Lunar Derby competition was selected as a prize-winning team (came in 2nd) in Ground Tournament-1. MIT graduate and undergraduate students designed this mission as part of MIT’s 16.83 Space Systems Engineering class, combined with 16.89 (for graduate students). Way to go, team KitCube!    

Kat and Tam take 2nd and 3rd at 2015 SmallSat Student Paper Competition

kcahoy/ August 28, 2015

Congratulations to students Kat Riesing (2nd) and Tam Nguyen (3rd) for their top-finishes in the SmallSat Frank J. Redding Student Paper Competition! Kat Riesing: Orbit Determination from Two Line Element Sets of ISS-Deployed CubeSats Tam Nguyen: Laser Beacon Tracking for High-Accuracy Attitude Determination  

MIT CubeSats on The Weather Channel

kcahoy/ May 7, 2013

Coverage of the MIT weather-sensing CubeSat programs with David Malkoff on The Weather Channel: MIT CubeSats on The Weather Channel

MIT News

kcahoy/ January 22, 2013

Two from MIT win Air Force Office of Sponsored Research Young Investigator Award.


kcahoy/ January 19, 2013

AFOSR awards grants to 40 scientists and engineers through its Young Investigator Research Program.  

Boston Herald

kcahoy/ August 7, 2012

Curiosity exploring the Red Planet.